The general structure of HTML documents contain the two section : They are Head and Body

Head Section : The head section contains the Title that identifies the first part of your HTML coded document .

Body Section : The body section is where we actually do most of our works that includes text,images,videos and other elements that HTML provide all our content .

The General form of HTML document is :

<TITLE>Title of the web page</TITLE>
Text which you want to display

Characteristics Of HTML Language

HTML is the most common used language to write web pages .It has recently gained popularity due to its advantages such as : -

1- It is the language which can be easily understand and can be modified.

2- Effective presentations can be made with the HTML with the help of its all formatting tags.

3- It provides the more flexible way to deign web pages along with the text.

4- Links can also be added to the web pages so it help the readers to browse the information of their interest.

5- You can display HTML documents on any platforms such as Macintosh ,Windows and Linux etc.

6-Graphics,videos and sounds can also be added to the web pages which give an extra attractive look to your web pages.